What people do for for Love VS what they do for Money

Meet Nengi Powell Beautiful Nigerian Female Tiler.

I remember arranging the rubber TILES on the floor to get a perfect design, we started it together, he got tired, I continued till it was almost done. A day came, he logged into his facebook account with my phone I didn’t log out. He probably forgot. I wanting to check my stuff, noticed it was his account. I saw a chat he sent to his other girlfriend telling her how tired he was from doing this job and sent her pix of the finished work which he took credit for absolutely everything.
Anyways, when I was done feeling sorry for myself, I converted my pain into value. I posted this pic and others, boom! I got my first job, got paid for it, and got extra. Boom! Second job came, third, fourth and so on.
What I’m I trying to say, some issues happen to shake, push and mold us. If you can look beyond that hurt, you’d see opportunities, open doors. Believe you me, when the goodies start coming, you’d be glad what happened back then happened. No matter how little, keep going, consistency is the key.
So far, I’m thankful to those people who truly believe in me, encourage and support me the best way they can. I’m grateful.

Full Story of Nengi Powell soon

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