Hyundai Motor Company has launched its first ever car with a solar roof charging system.


Hyundai launches car with a roof-based solar charging system

The business says the technology will be used on the latest version of its Sonata Hybrid and then introduced to other vehicles over the coming years.

The new vehicle is a game changer for the auto industry that many emissions-conscious auto makers will be paying attention to.

The idea is for the solar roof to support the car’s electric power source, boost fuel efficiency and lower carbon dioxide emissions, Hyundai says.

Silicon solar panels have been attached to the roof of the vehicle and can charge while the car is moving.

According to Hyundai 30% to 60% of the car’s battery could be charged using the solar technology. With six hours of charge per day, the vehicle could increase travel distances by 1,300 kilometers per year.

Heui Won Yang, head of the Hyundai Motor Group’s Body Tech Unit, said the technology allows its customers to “actively tackle” issues related to emissions, adding that the business hoped to expand the technology to vehicles with traditional internal combustion engines.

The vehicle is currently sold in South Korea and will released to the North American market shortly. No sales plans are currently available for Europe.

Source Victor Oladokun – Anmar Fagoul, CNBC

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