Buhari’s children have right to use presidential jet — Presidency

“The normal practice, in existence for a long time, is that the Presidential Air fleet is available to the President and the First Family and four others. These four are the Vice President, the Senate President, the Speaker and any other person(s) so permitted by the President…”

Buhari’s last daughter, Hanan Muhammadu Buhari upon arrival at the Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa International Airport, was picked up in a convoy of about 15 vehicles heading to the Government House.

Here are what some angry Nigerians have to say about the matter.

So Buhari’s daughter flew the Presidential jet to Bauchi just to take pictures of their mud houses Emirates.

She graduated from a college in London last year as a photographer. Now she’s flying all over Nigeria in Presidential jet to take pictures of their Emirates

The only photographer that is being photographed for taking pictures

Omolomo 🙈😜

I think we complain about unimportant thing too much in this country and ignored the important once.

Was there any law that was broken?

If there is no law against the first family using the presidential jet, and we need to make such a law then let’s get cracking.

Remember the first family also have security details, paid for by taxes, would we deny them of that too.

APC, Garba Shehu and those shameless Nigerians supporting this act of appropriating state resources for family use, won’t tolerate any of these infractions from the previous governments. Had it been it was former President Jonathan that his daughter did this, almost all the north will be boiling by now, prof Ango Abdulahi led Arewa consultative Forum (ACF) and his northern cohorts would have been brimming with fire. The APC controled western media would all be awashed by now on how Jonathan and PDP are corrupt. Your hypocrisy has no comparison.

Unfortunately, this is the government that preached change, vowed not to do what past government did wrongly, if you talk now, that will start making references to mama peace and Iyabo Obasanjo, then you ask, where is the change they promised?

The President doesn’t have any moral integrity attributed to him again, he himself is helpless both in country administration and family affairs. He will counsel poor Nigerian youths to embrace farming while shuttling her daughter everywhere with presidential jet. Our leaders are epitome of hypocrisy.

The problem of Nigeria is Nigerians .Nigerian do not have iota of regard to Nigeria. A daughter of president is like any other citizens, nothing at all has made her unique from other citizens irrespective of her biological father being the President her activities should terminate in their family and not to be extended to the country governed by her father.

Let her know that the father is governing a country not a family. Nigeria is a country not a family.

How does that affect my life positively my country people. Even if Burari’s dog’s used the presidential jet does it reduce my salary? Nigerians? Hhhhm, well!


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